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Hi! My name is Cameron and I have dabbled in art all of my life. I have always been told to pursue it but never seriously took it up until I reached college. On of my professors encouraged me to take it up a major. To date, I have been featured in art shows on my college campus, St. Michael’s College in Vermont. I recently was featured in a group show at Dacia Gallery in New York City. I use my personal experiences and outlooks on life to create my art. I also artistically drawn from activities such as skateboarding, playing rugby, or running my radio show.

I recently participated in an Artist Residency at Dacia Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This residency focused on creating paintings from live models. This was the first time I have painted a live model and it was a challenge at points but I enjoyed every moment of it. I learned a lot from this and feel these experiences have helped me grow as an artist. I plan on continuing my education in art throughout the rest of my life.

(Below: Left, Cameron Smith, Right, Lee Vasu Owner of Dacia Gallery, as well as, one of my mentors in the Artist Residency)


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